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NAMI Coastal Virginia 


July 2021 

An engaging panel discussion aiming to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness, with conversations about faith, psychiatry, what mental illnesses are, and personal testimonies of hope.

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June 2021 

Representatives from Equality Virginia and Hampton Roads Pride will speak about their mental health journey and where they are now in their recovery.

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Hampton Roads Pride
Equality Virginia

May 2021 

Kate Baldwin joins us from the VBSPCA to to shine a light on the important role pets can play in our mental and emotional health and discuss ways in which we can care for ourselves and our pets!

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Virginia Beach SPCA:

April 2021 

Dr. David Spiegel, EVMS Psychiatrist and Clinical Supervisor, engaged in a phenomenal discussion regarding the mental health diagnosis process, ways to advocate for yourself/what to look for, conversations to have, and so much more!

March 2021 

We hosted Mary Crutchfield (Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Founder of Leva Psychiatry) for an engaging discussion about eating disorders/disordered eating, diet culture, the impacts on mental health, and treatment options.

february 2021 

We hosted Jennifer Brown (Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Owner of Seaside Behavioral Health) for an engaging discussion to answer (or begin answering) some of questions about mental illness that may have been difficult to ask.

January 2021 

While we are still safely distancing, we are borrowing our "Coastal Chats" from great sources! 

There’s a big difference between mental health and mental healthcare. In Psych Hub’s interview with Thomas Insel, MD, (Co-founder of Humanest), he’ll share all about neuroplasticity and the 3 P’s of mental health.

November 2020 

Our community program was an engaging conversation regarding the Hearing Voices approach and learning more about the Hearing Voices Network. The program includes a screening of the film "Beyond Possible" and a panel discussion with Jane Callaway, Tevin Clark, and Cindy Hadge.

October 2020 

Our October Coastal Chat is an interactive and important conversation hosted on Facebook Live by Mr. Sam Boone of the Chesapeake City School Board.

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august 2020 

Liz Odhwani engaged in a great conversation providing Information about Social Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), contact information during COVID, and how to recognize and protect yourself and loved ones from social security scams.

July 2020 

Dr. Tyler Corson, a gerontologist on the faculty of VCU's College of Health Professions, leads a discussion of The Impacts of Social Isolation on Older Adults and Families. While loneliness and social isolation are not new topics in aging, COVID-19 and "social distancing" practices have brought them to the forefront. Come hear about the broad health impacts of isolation and learn strategies for coping and for #SocialConnecting for you and your family members.

June 2020 

Rosanne Foggin, the VB Strong Center Program Manger, chats with us about the incredible programs the VB Strong Center has (including a virtual music festival they put on!), their marvelous mission and efforts to support the mental wellness of our community, and how you can benefit from all they have to offer! The VB Strong Center is a "mental health mass-trauma-informed clinical approach community center" which provides free support groups, wellness classes, and assistance from clinicians in navigating and planning how to start your journey to mental wellness.

Leah Baldwin, LCSW, CSAC joins us during Mental Health Awareness Month to facilitate an awesome discussion about reducing anxiety, naming and normalizing feelings, setting goals, and more great information and tips.

May 2020