NAMIWalks Your Way = Fundraising Your Way!

We are firm believers of the "Fun" in Fundraising. Adding creative and unique incentives is a great way to encourage others to give to your cause, and can help you get your products/services out in to the community, or even clean out your garage! Below are some of the current raffles and more information on how you can include yours!


Classic Virginia Beach Neptune Festival Poster Raffle

Run by Lonnie the Llama

Support NAMI WALKS and you might own a classic Virginia Beach Neptune Festival poster. It’s really very simple, and supports a non-profit organization dedicated to serving those with mental illnesses.

How to enter:

  1. Donate to NAMI Coastal Virginia's NAMI Walks team by clicking the button below

  2. Click "support us" and enter the level of support that is appropriate for you. This next part is critical: IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU CONTRIBUTE – EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR IS IMPORTANT.

  3. Under 'Donation Options' select 'Add a Message' and note that your donation is for the raffle - and leave any additional words of encouragement if you'd like!

  4. Click through the options and your donation will register.

  5. Lonnie will see that you contributed and designate your drawing tickets for the posters:

$1.00 = 1 ticket  |  $5.00 = 7 tickets  | $10.00 = 15 tickets  Over $10.00 = 20 tickets


On the weekend of September 25 – 27 (what would have been Neptune Festival Boardwalk Weekend ) Lonnie the Llama will draw 8 tickets via Facebook Live and we’ll let you know who won what!

Prize options:

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Beach to Battleship

Beach to Battleship.png

What we will miss the most about this year's NAMIWalks event is walking with all of our friends and family in the community, so we've come up with a plan to be "together" while safely distancing!

We’ve divided up Virginia Beach Boulevard from Atlantic Avenue at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront to Nauticus into one mile legs and are inviting you to walk one of those “legs” at some point on October 10th. There’s no definitive “start” and no dramatic “end”, because we’re observing the appropriate guidelines for masks, social distancing and the like. What we ask is that you take photos, videos, selfies, whatever you can, and we’ll compile them into a fun video when it’s all over!

Although our main goal is to promote community awareness, reduce stigma, and reassure people they are not alone, we realize that in order to continue our mission of offering free Connection & Family Support groups, free Peer-to-Peer and Family-to-Family educational classes, free youth/school programs, and maintain our advocacy efforts, we need financial support. It is roughly 18 miles from the oceanfront to Nauticus, so please consider asking friends, family and co-workers to support your walk by pledging $18.00 (if they want to donate more, we won't turn them down!) You can post it on your Facebook page, or send out an email to everyone you know. Together, we are moving closer to a world where all people affected by mental illness live healthy, fulfilling lives supported by a community that cares. Join us in promoting GOOD MENTAL HEALTH FOR ALL!

Step 1: Sign up free as a virtual walker on NAMI Coastal Virginia's team

Step 2: Sign up for a "leg" or two, or walk the whole thing!

Step 3: Walk, run, skip, bike, shuffle, dance etc. on October 10th - and share your photos and videos with us!

Make it facebook official

Did you know you could directly link your NAMIWALKS fundraiser page to a Facebook fundraiser? 


If you'd like more information or assistance on linking your fundraiser to Facebook, feel free to contact us by e-mailing

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You've got great ideas,

we want to share them with the world! 


If you've got a raffle going, a contest, a meet-up idea for walk day, or anything else in between/outside the lines - let us know! We will share it here. Contact Team Captain John Ickes at with your idea or for more information!