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The Alexa Project

     This project honors Alexa, who in the face of stigma, spoke out courageously about her mental illness and her journey with bi-polar disorder.  As the first youth in the area to be trained in NAMI's #endingthesilence, Alexa helped develop a program that has reached thousands of young people in southeast Virginia.

     The Alexa Project recognizes all who live with mental illness and their courageous journeys.  Susannah, Board President, conceived this project in early January not knowing it would become a tribute to her daughter.  Alexa died on February 20, 2023, at the young age of 26.

     Each month a new conversation will be posted to the Breaking the Stigma Podcast.  We will talk with people whose lives have been affected by mental illness with the hope that these discussions will help others realize they are not alone.  All the resources we provide at NAMI Coastal VA aim to reduce the stigma associated with having a mental health condition. 

Will you help us?  We need more volunteers.

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Breaking the Stigma Podcast

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