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NAMI Coastal Virginia Online Support Groups

The NAMI Online Support Group for Individuals in Recovery is a peer-led support group for any adult who has experienced symptoms of a mental health condition. NAMI Family Support Group is a peer-led support group for family members, caregivers, and loved ones of individuals living with mental illness. Gain insight from the challenges and successes of others facing similar circumstances through groups facilitated by trained leaders who’ve been there.


  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns - or feel free to jump right in to one of our groups! We are here with you and for you.

If you are in a crisis situation, please call 911, the National Suicide Lifeline 800-273-TALK (8255),

Text NAMI to 741-741, or visit our Crisis Intervention page


To join any group, just click the time that you wish to join - you will be directed to Zoom. No registration is required.Please plan to connect to the meeting at least 10-15 minutes prior to the start time to address any technical difficulties. In an effort to keep groups productive and effective for all participants, we may experience a need to divide the group in to separate meetings or recommend attendance during a different time slot. 


We ask that you review our group guidelines and principles of support - feel free to download and keep a copy for yourself to refer back to as necessary

Online Connections Recovery

Support Group

Peer-led support group for any adult who has experienced symptoms of a mental health condition


Mondays 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

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Mondays 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

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Tuesdays 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

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Thursdays 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

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Online Family Support Group

Our Family Support group is now meeting in person every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at Kempsville Center for Behavioral Health! For other virtual options, check out the state-wide NAMI programming links below

LGBTQIA+ Connections Support Group

Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. online via Zoom, hosted by NAMI Northern Shenandoah Valley! Group is free and open to anyone 18+. 

Online NAMI BIPOC Connections

Peer-led support in a free, confidential, nonjudgemental, collaborative space for people of color led by people of color.

2nd & 4th Thursday of each month  7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

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Grupo de Apoyo para Familiares

NAMI Prince William, una organización filial de la Alianza Nacional de Enfermedades Mentales, ofrece el Grupo de Apoyo para Familiares en español. Por razones del virus COVID-19, las reuniones son virtuales utilizando la aplicación ZOOM, el segundo y cuarto Jueves de cada mes. Gratuito, y no hay que inscribirse. Para mas información: Envie un correo a o​

Classes & Community Events

Educational classes, intriguing conversations, presentations, events, and more provided by NAMI Coastal Virginia and other community partners!

Click here for scheduling

& more information

NAMI Virginia Online Programming

NAMI Virginia has a wealth of online classes and socials for adults and youth - including a support group for parents of children 17 and under, virtual movie nights, and more!

Click here for scheduling

& more information

Family Support Group for Seniors

This is a 90-minute support group for Seniors (65+) who have a family member living with mental health challenges and provides a place that offers respect,  understanding, encouragement, and hope. The group is led by Senior facilitators, is completely confidential and follows a flexible structure without an educational format and does not endorse medical therapies or medications.

Contact Sandra Mottesheard at for the Zoom link

Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 1.01.06 PM.png

Check back on our website or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the most up-to-date information!

Joining NAMI Coastal Virginia
Online Support Groups

We will be utilizing Zoom to host our online support groups. Zoom is an online video conferencing tool which allows individuals to meet virtually via video and/or audio from phones, computers, and tablets. Zoom works best by downloading the app, however, it is not required. If you have any questions - technical or otherwise - feel free to contact us!

To join a meeting, simply click on the links on the schedule. We recommend connecting a few minutes before the scheduled meeting time so that you have plenty of time to navigate any potential technical issues, adjust your settings and display name, and ensure that you and your peers have adequate time to utilize the group productively and positively. 

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Privacy & Confidentiality

Although this is a different platform, please remember that this is a space of confidentiality. The conversation shared within this group must remain within this group. 

Zoom software is designed to be HIPAA compliant, meaning the video is encrypted to ensure confidentiality. We have disabled audio, video, and chat recording capabilities. We ask that you do not attempt to record or save any of the video of messages shared in the group. We also ask that you consider your surroundings - try to find a space with no traffic and that is not easily listened upon, and use headphones if you can. Finally, you have the ability to change your display name to ensure privacy - simply hover over your name in the participants list, click "more" and "rename" or send a message to one of the hosts and we are more than happy to do it for you.


We also want to remind everyone that this is a group only for people 18 and older who are (individuals OR family/friends/partners of an individual) living with a mental health condition.

The same Group Guidelines and Principles of Support that apply to in-person meetings will be used to guide NAMI Online Support Groups, and each NAMI Online Support Group will be led by two NAMI-trained facilitators who are either family members or individuals in recovery themselves. These groups are offered free of charge, as are all NAMI Programs.


If you are in a crisis situation, please call 911, the National Suicide Lifeline 800-273-TALK (8255), Text NAMI to 741-741, or visit our Crisis Intervention page


Agenda, Group Guidelines, Principles of Support, and Emotional Stages of Recovery

NAMI Connections Support Group Information

NAMI Family Support Group Information


 Below are some of the questions we have been asked by our peers and facilitators - if there is something further you'd like information or clarification on, we are happy to answer. Just contact us!

Q: Do I have to use video?

A: Nope! It is recommended, but not required - as long as you are comfortable and able to engage in the group beneficially and productively (we understand wanting to skip getting out of pajamas or brushing your hair!) However, one of the benefits of utilizing the video function - besides feeling as close to an in-person social interaction as possible - is ensured confidentiality for other group participants. In other words, we can see that there is nobody listening in or walking around the room you're in! Topics of comfort in the digital world are, of course, some new facets that we can discuss and process as a group.


Q: I don't want my full name displayed - can I edit this?

A: Absolutely! Depending on your connection device, you will most likely be prompted to enter your name upon entering the meeting. You can choose whatever is comfortable for you, whether it be a first name, initial, or (appropriate) nickname. If you do not have this prompt initially, you can click on your name in the Participants list, click more, and either "edit" or "rename." We will have an additional tech-savvy peer in each meeting, so if you are having any trouble, send a message to the host and we will help out in any way possible.

Q: You said additional tech-savvy peer - who is that?

A: This individual will be sort of like a bonus but silent facilitator. In other words, this individual will be a peer that is affiliated with NAMI Coastal Virginia, has experience with mental health either personally or within their family, and knows their way around Zoom. This is to ensure that participants and facilitators can engage productively, and any technical needs can be taken care of with little to no interruption!

Q: Can anyone join these groups?

A: Our Connections Recovery group is for individuals 18 or older living with a mental health condition - we also have an "under 30" Connections support group that meets the first Wednesday of each month! Family members, caregivers, partners, friends etc. that are 18 or older are welcome to join our Family Support groups.

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