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Seeds of Hope

Mental Health Awareness & Wellness Project

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 10.47.50
Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 10.47.50

NAMI Coastal Virginia, the Season for Non-violence Collective (citizen group), and the ViBe Creative District partnered to engage the local community in a project focused on Mental Health Awareness. The project aims to remove the stigma of mental illness and create a community space of healing and hope. 


Drawing inspiration from the Alfred Tennyson quote above, local artist Erika Hitchcock has created a three-dimensional mural that includes containers with seeds for the public to plant. Students at the Virginia Beach Technical School constructed wooden benches with planters to create a safe place to sit in the garden. Other local schools hosted kindness rock painting sessions to spread messages of hope and healing throughout the garden. 

This collective community art project is in ViBe’s Mediterranean Parklet and Butterfly Garden located on Mediterranean Ave. between 18th and 19th Streets (between Java Surf and Seaside Harbor) in Virginia Beach. The public is welcome to come see the mural, pick up seeds, take/drop off a kindness rock, or simply use the space to reflect and find hope and healing.


While you’re there, take a picture and post it on your social media with the following: #seasonfornonviolence, #mentalhealthmatters, #namicoastalva, #notalone #seedsofhope, #seedsofhopehr 


We couldn't have done this without you!

Project Leads

Erika Hitchcock, StoneWear Ceramics

Jessica Scrimgeour, NAMI Coastal Virginia

Kate Pittman, ViBe Arts District

Kay Ashby, NAMI Coastal Virginia

Teresa Stanley, Season for Nonviolence



Amanda Hitchcock

Anne Baker

Chris Jackson – 3D print of text

Erika Hitchcock – Artist

Jessica Scrimgeour

Kathleen Ashby

Marin Ellis

Patricia Leuthard

Tricia Campbell

Tylor Jessee - wood cutter



Mural Flower Painting

Alexander Lalim, Amanda Hitchcock, Anne Baker, Aubrey Gonzales, Ava Terry, Barbara Miner, Bridget Lee Cruz, Candine Padilla, Carolina Valverde, Carrie Garcia, Cassandra Spencer, Christina Zader, Isabella Evans, Isaiah Gifford, Jessica Scrimgeour, Jill Tiderman, Julie Bailey, Kathleen Ashby, Lauren Antonie, Luci Campbell, Madison Evans, Marienne Reed, Marin Ellis, Morgan Ellis, Nia Samuels, Pat Leuthard, Patty Koehler, Reagan Carson, Ruby Milliken, Sawyer Katz, Shantelle Viel, Tricia Campbell


Benches and Planters

Virginia Beach Technical Center


Flowers and Garden Maintenance

Erika Hitchcock, StoneWear Ceramics, Lynnhaven River Now


Kindess Rock Paintings

Camp JCC Kids and Simon Family JCC Seniors Club, Community rock painting at the Old Farmers Market, Community rock painting at Zero’s at the Oceanfront, Galilee Montessori School, Hermitage Elementary, Landstown High School, Mayor’s Youth Leaders in Action, Norfolk Academy Middle School, Princess Ann High School, I Need a Lighthouse Psychology Club, Season for Nonviolence Community Collective Members, Student Virginia Beach Human Rights Commissioners, W.T. Cooke Elementary, Zero’s at the Oceanfront and their staff


Facilities Use

Museum of Contemporary Art, Boys and Girls Club Rosemont, Kevin Will - Boys & Girls Club President, Claudell Clark - Executive Director and Vice President of Hampton Roads Sports Commission



Rose Level

Mark Stevens, Zero’s at the Oceanfront

Erika Hitchcock, StoneWear Ceramics


Wisteria Level

Jewish Family Services

Kempsville Center for Behavioral Health

Virginia Beach Wellness and Prevention Service

VB Strong Center


Hydrangea Level

Brian Benze, Inc.

Gilbert Eyecare

Heidi Kulberg

London Bridge Nursery

McDonalds Garden Center

Pattie Carroll

Patricia Leuthard

Sean Little

Wendy Brown

This project embraces every bit of the definition of "community" - we are so grateful to have had the support and hard work of so many! 

Mural & Kindness Rock Gallery

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